Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where have I been?

In the off chance that anybody has been wondering, I wanted to answer the title question with a resounding: right here! It's so sad to be so close to a computer all day and yet too far to post on my dear blog for my dear blog readers. Three words to describe the past few weeks: busy, busy and more busy. (That was actually five words, but I think you get the point.) Work has been insane. Home has been insane. I have been insane. And right now, I'm busy (and insane), but I have my priorities on straight for the time: blogging comes first.

So thank you dear, faithful readers for continuing to check my blog although it has been decidedly unupdated. You are appreciated and loved, even you who do not comment, but somehow I know you've been here. You leave your mark in spirit.*

* The insanity has not worn off. I realize this and yet I am still going to post this nonsense.


  1. wow. you could sense my spirit? i had to leave a comment this time because you never seize to amaze me... :)

  2. i mean "you never 'cease' to amaze me". sheesh--you'd think I were the insane one. i messed up just for you. :)

  3. I do miss you when you're not around, but TOTALLY understand being busy. Calm down, life!

  4. Unfortunately life happens sometimes and important things fall by the wayside - like blogging. You've done, I've done, everyone's done it, but we all get our heads on straight again and focus on what's important - blogging.


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