Thursday, February 5, 2009

If I were sappy.

If I were sappy I would write on my blog about how much I love and adore TC. But I'm not, so I won't say how my heart still skips a beat when I see him from afar. And I won't say that when he hugs me it makes my insides feel ticklish and happy. I won't mention how he makes me laugh so hard I snort, and he doesn't even judge me for it.

If I were more of a syrupy sweet type of gal I would tell everybody about how handsome I think he is, and how much I love seeing him dressed in his Sunday best, with French cuffs and handkerchief and all, so much so that I've tried to invent opportunities to dress up. I would also mention how well he takes care of me, laughs at my stupid jokes and doesn't think I'm a bad person when I thrash around violently, sometimes inflicting minor injuries when I'm being tickled.

But since I'm not that kind of girl I won't tell you all that he is my dream come true, that he meets all the criteria on the list I wrote as a 16 year old of qualities my future husband MUST have. I also won't mention how on that list is the following "He will think I'm the best thing since peanut better," and how when we were dating, TC randomly said to me that he thinks I'm the best thing since peanut butter, and how my insides felt so warm and fuzzy.

And I suppose I won't say anything about how when I look at him I can see the man he is and the man is meant to be, and I'm always humbled at all the wonderful things he has done and will do in his life. I won't say how amazed I am that someone as wonderful as he is loves me as much as he does.

So I guess I won't say any of that. I'll just keep it all to myself, since I'm not sappy.


  1. thank goodness i'm not sappy, or i might have smiled and thought "how neat" and "so true", while at the same time thinking of all the things i truly am grateful for and adore about my own husband... so, yeah, good thing we ain't sappy, eh?

  2. I am SO happy you found the boy we all dreamed about when we were 16 years old. Aah, the peanut butter bullet point. Did we all write that, or did I steal it from you because it was funnier than "He must have a cute rear-end"?

  3. That's very sweet!


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