Monday, August 10, 2009

First Presbyterian

This is a photo of the lovely First Presbyterian Church on South Temple in SLC.

Here is a detail of stained glass window.

And here's my attempt at being artistic with the flowers and the beautiful wooden doors.

But here's my question: Have you ever heard of a Second Presbyterian Church? Or a Third? Stupid question, perhaps, but last night as we were out on a walk and passed the church I wondered this and dwelt on it and asked TC and then found other examples where there is only a first, and no second or third or eighty-fifth (like First Security Bank) and then dwelt on it some more. Why is there only ever a first? WHY?

At any rate, those First Presbyterians have got a beautiful building.


  1. Good question. I too would love to see the 'Seventeenth National Bank', though I probably wouldn't choose to keep my $$$ there.

    We used to pass by this beautiful Church on our evening walks (way back in the day). Your photos are great!

  2. The funniest church I ever saw was called "Our Lady of the Assumption"

    What are they assuming??

    A lot I guess.

  3. Yes, I agree that it is a very beautiful building. Matthew tells us that the first shall be last and the last shall be first, so would it be better to be the "Last Presbyterian Church"??

    My hubby and I get a kick out of the name "St. Ann's Church" since it sounds like "Satan's Church." :)


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