Thursday, August 27, 2009

That "Just Been to the Salon" Feeling

What ever happened to the days of going to the salon to get your hair fixed? My grandmother used to go once or twice a week to have her hair "set" and then she'd be worried about getting her hair wet and carry around with her a rain bonnet but her hair always looked just the way she wanted it to, unless she slept on it a little bit too much and the back got all mashed up until she had a chance to go to the salon again.

I got my hair cut and styled on Friday. the haircut itself isn't anything new and exciting, just a trim and some body added back in to my hair that for some unknown reason I'm growing out. But when I left the salon I felt like a million bucks, even though I had only spent $50. That's a good ratio, right? Celi, my miracle worker stylist, made me feel beautiful again. And that got me to wonder why I don't have her do my hair on a regular basis, like every couple of days (it sounds excessive now that I write it down, but in my head it sounded completely reasonable).

The benefits: She's nice, the conversation is good, I feel great, she's better at styling my hair than I am, she's more patient than I am, she takes her time when blowing out my hair, she doesn't get all frustrated when her arms go numb from being lifted over her head for too long, and she knows what neato and expensive products to use to make my hair look fabulous. And she knows the secret to getting my fine and limp hair to have body and not lay flat on my head without a multitude of teasing and spraying. She's a mystery bottled in a beautiful hair dressing machine package.

The disadvantages: scrila, money, paper, fetti, chedda. Or in other words, cash.

Why does that one measly disadvantage have so much weight? Why should I let money get in the way of looking great? Psh. Nothing should get in the way of looking great. Except all those things that are more important than looking great.

On a different note, you still have two more days to enter the giveaway. So all you lurkers and visitors that think that I'll think you're crazy because you check my blog but really I totally know you check my blog and that you wish your girlfriend's blog was hot like mine, enter the giveaway. Unless you are complete ingrates and don't want to thank anyone for anything thus negating the need for thank you cards in your life... Are you an ingrate? I didn't think so.*

*Guilt ridden requests are not company policy, and do not reflect the views of this network.


  1. Funny, but you just can't beat that "just been to the salon" feeling. And anyone who has never had their hair done at a salon really has know idea what they're missing. Maybe it's better that way - for all of the monetary reasons you mentioned.

  2. Someday when I have a ton of moola I will employ my own hairstylist and makeup artist. Until then I'll sadly have to wait for my once ever 6 weeks-sometimes up to 5 months depending on how lazy I am visit.

  3. I love getting haircuts, too. It's so relaxing when they wash my hair (thought I'd never want the job of washing other peoples' hair). And I love the feeling of nicely cut ends that aren't so split anymore. But I also love the feeling of having money in my bank account. Oh, do I have to say anything special to be entered into your contest? Enter me:).

  4. Oh crap. I just did a post under Rich's profile. The previous post was Kim's--not Rich's. How embarrassing for him! :).

  5. I went to a knitting group last night and for about an hour we talked about salons and color and finding a great cut and the problem of wanting a $100 cut and only having $15. There were no solutions presented, but it made me think of this.


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