Sunday, August 30, 2009

You're all winners!

In a very real sense, you ARE all winners. And I love you for it. You are winners because you're amazing people, you read this amazing blog (in all humility), and you encourage me in my amazing pursuits. It' guessed it...amazing. (If you guess the word of the day, you win a special prize*.)

The winner of the Thank You card giveaway, which was chosen by a panel of two judges, in a double blind experiment, is:

Sarady. YAY!!!

Sarady and her husband have just been through a difficult time with their family and have stayed strong throughout. Their strength is an inspiration.

And just because I'm feeling ultra generous, and her comment on my post about Jimmy ["I'm pretty sure Maya would love a pal like Jimmy (the thinning hair line will remind her of daddy)..."] made me laugh, Melissa (: wins Jimmy.

For the rest of you, thank you for your comments, encouragement, and friendship. You are all winners. Just imagine me jumping up and down like the lady in this clip.

* Special prize is TC's love and admiration. Void where prohibited.


  1. Oh my word!!!!!!

    We are SOOO excited!!!

    Thank you so much Kris! You really are too nice!!!

    I'm giggling right now with excitement. Thanks for making my (and Maya's) day!!

    (I promise to share jimmy with her!)

  2. Kristina, this shows what a lame friend I am. I didn't even know we won. Yippy skippy! And thank you for thinking about us during this ridiculously weird time in our lives. Good luck with your Etsy shop; your cards are cute. Any luck yet?



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