Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello? Are you there?

Knock knock. Anyone there? It's been a while. I have things I'd like to tell you all, but I just don't feel inspired to write. For example, I'd tell you about my first rodeo, or how we brought home from Idaho an entomological delight on the front of our car (lovingly named Thor) and how TC spent three hours cleaning him at my parent's house only to drive home through swarms of bamn dugs that ran right into the front of poor Thor and spattered their guts all over him creating yet another petri dish for the study of insects. Sad. Or I'd tell you about the research I've been doing on embroidery sewing machines. Excessive for me to have one? Perhaps, but boy do I want one. Think of the possibilities! I could embroidery stuff. WEE!! Or I'd tell you how sad I am that our good friends are moving away, but happy for them all at the same time. Or how excited I am for Cafe Rio tonight. Or how I put together an outfit today that might beg the question of whether I'm color blind. (I'm wearing a bright yellow top, lime green sweater, denim skirt and red heels today. Weird color combo I know, but it just felt right today.) Or I'd write about how my thoughts today are definitely with all those affected by September 11, 2001 (all of us) and how I've decided to set part of today aside to reflect on what I can learn from what happened.

Yeah I'd tell you all that stuff if I was feeling inspired.


  1. I don't think you're color blind. I love the outfit.

  2. I am so glad you are back... I didn't get a chance to say something I was grateful for on your former post (something about post-partum and not having my act together or other such nonsense)... but I am grateful for your blog! I love it really and stalk you far more than I really should admit to but just did anyway... :)

    Long story short: glad you are back!

  3. please do tell about your first rodeo!

  4. Welcome back.

    I wish I was HALF as inspired as you are. All I can think to post is picture after picture of my baby...

  5. My mom has a Janome embroidery sewing machine. It makes her very happy.

  6. You should have posted a pic of your outfit. If you feel like wearing it, you wear it, girl! Wear it, good!

  7. Brianne: thanks for the positive vote on the outfit.
    Angela: you are sweet. I'm a complete stalker myself so I totally understand.
    Jennymac: it's coming. Soon. I hope.
    Melissa: if I had a baby half as cute as Maya that's probably all I would do too.
    Jenni: I'm looking at janomes. The problem is finding a dealer in the area that has the machine I want. My skills don't compare to your mom's since she's a brilliant sewist.
    Andrea: next time I put together an unusual outfit I will post it. Unless it's really weird.

  8. Welcome back... I am still gone. I miss your posts and posting myself, but I don't think anyone wants to hear about my 9th grade students and how most of them this year are not so smart. That's all I got right now.


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