Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Own Private Idaho

TC and I haven't taken many road trips together. So when we decided to drive up to Boise last weekend, it was kind of a big deal for us. Meaning, I sat with the camera in my lap the whole 5 hour drive, snapping photos of whatever piqued my interest. So, basically I took pictures of road signs. Wee! My favorite road sign that I was unable to get a photo of was right before a weigh station that said "All watercraft must stop." Apparently they get a whole lot of watercraft traveling down I84. Must be hard on their hulls. Huh. I'm still smirking about that sign. It passed so quickly that I didn't get a photo. Next time.

But let's back up. Before we left I made some mix CDs for the trip so we'd have some good tunes to enjoy. I did this while TC lovingly and skillfully packed our clothes. He's good at fitting lots of stuff in small spaces, which works well while living in a small space, and when traveling.

This is TC driving us there safely.

This is me being a good passenger.

This is the sign at the Idaho border. YAY!

Then, I had to use the bathroom, bad. And this is what it looked like out the window:

So naturally I felt desperation that it was this place or bust. So we stopped here.

I think my favorite part of this stop was the long road to seemingly nowhere.

Or the sign warning dogs that the grass could be toxic. If only dogs could read.

Or the diaper in the parking lot (it seemed unused for the record).

Or the sign at the front door of the convenience store warning patrons not to make any sudden movements while entering because of the baby rattlers in the corner of the entrance. (I didn't take a photo because the store clerk was pretty serious and unfriendly and I didn't want him to throw me out.)

Or the sign by the restroom indicating that use of it was for paying customers. Or the sign by the register that indicated that the minimum purchase with debit card was $5. Or the fact that we didn't have any cash. Or the ridiculously overpriced snacks.

Too many favorites to choose.

So we used the restroom, grabbed some snacks, made our purchases, and got back on the road feeling like we'd just been taken. To make matters worse, up the road in a few miles was a rest stop with free, clean bathrooms. Sigh...

Here's our loot that cost us nearly $6.

Those are some expensive Doritos that ended up giving me a pretty bad stomach ache. The Doritos that keep on giving.

So that's the drive. Coming up: paddle boat races, Boise nightlife, and a rodeo.


  1. Your blog is nice. Beautiful photographs. Best wishes. God is Great.

  2. Okay, I can't tell you how many time Brady and I have stopped at that gas station. It's so secluded and weird. And, yes. They totally rip you off, although we did get one of the coolest water bottles in the world there, which lasted for over a year. Umm, baby rattlers? Yikes.

  3. I am SO glad that you guys came up! We had so much fun with you!-Not that we don't have fun with you normally! WE think you're great, and you make me smile. Thank you. The end.


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