Sunday, September 20, 2009

Harry Elefante & Boyz II Men

This is Harry Elefante, another creation from Simplicity 2613. He's a gift for a co-worker. While he is cute, I'm just not all that in love with his face, but I AM in love with his name. He enjoys calypso music, piƱa coladas, and getting caught in the rain. Just wanted to introduce you all. Shake hands, say nice to meet you, all that jazz.

Next: Boyz II Men, baby. TC and I were just minding our own business on Friday evening, having dinner with Kacy, when we got a phone call from the Bauers, our super awesome friends. They had exactly three extra tickets for the Boyz II Men concert at the Utah State Fair. We snatched them up and made our way to the fairgrounds (got flipped off over a parking spot by the way, but it was worth it because the parking spot was da shiz).

Look at those Boyz. I was surprised at how many of their songs I didn't know, but also surprised that if I remembered the song I knew every word. We danced and sang and screamed and cheered and clapped.

Kacy and me.

TC and me.

By the end of the evening we were so thirsty that we* thought we might die from dehydration. So we found ourselves with a jumbo Powerade, sucking it down so fast that we got a stomach ache. It was a seriously great evening, so thanks to the Bauers for the tickets and invitation, and for not laughing at our goofy dances. (Well, you laughed, yes, but it was more like a "Ha ha, I wish I could dance like that cuz it's so super cool and stuff," rather than a "Ha ha, you guys are crazy and I wish you weren't standing near me." That's what I'd like to think.)

What a great day!

*We = Gordita


  1. Boyz II Men were da bomb back in the day--well, and I guess now since they are at the Utah State Fair. I associate those times with vibrant, striped shirts and mustard yellow pants. Ah, the good ole days.

  2. Dear Sarady whoever you are. Boyz II Men "IS" the Bomb.

    Good Times


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