Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FF: Kacy

Meet Kacy, one of the friendliest friends around. She is humble, lives close to the spirit, is kind, generous, thoughtful, funny, says the wrong thing from time to time, loves the Lord, is smart, talented, beautiful and the list goes on.

I met Kacy a little over three years ago when we were hiring in our group at work. When I interviewed her I felt an overwhelming confirmation that she was the one to hire. And in getting to know her, I've realized that we were friends long before that first interview, and we've just been catching up ever since we met up again.

Kacy went to Europe with TC and me, and put up with us for two whole weeks. She was kind and tolerant of our idiosyncrasies, neuroses and our way of being us. For that alone, she is a saint.

Can you tell she's tired of me taking her picture?

And being bossy about how she should smile?

Some of my favorite times with Kacy have been: when she almost knocked Elder Ballard over, when she laughed at me for uncomfortably holding Elder Scott's hand, when she laughed at me for falling off a chair in heels and a skirt when I was supposed to be at my most professional, when she fell out her chair in a skirt and heels when she was supposed to be at her most professional, the way she describes Elder Holland's cheeks, when she slammed into our screen door and spilled water all over the place, singing with her in the car, watching the Olympics opening ceremony with her and TC and making up what people were saying ("Your bref steeeenk."), falling in love with gelato together with TC, sending her a goofy photo of me in a text message, feeling stupid, then receiving a goofy picture of her back, giving her whale nudges of appreciation, being inspired by her to read the scriptures more earnestly, and discussing insights we gained from our study of the gospel (mostly she's the one with the insights).

Thank you Kacy for being such a friendly friend.


  1. Kacy definitely deserves her own post! She always inspired me to be better as well. (You know this, because I sit 5 feet from you and have told you this in person. But it's fun to type.)

  2. I don't know Kacy well, but I've enjoyed the brief time I've spent with her.

    You're a good writer. Did you know? 'Cause you are.


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