Thursday, March 19, 2009

Solution to Project ADD

By the end of my last post I felt I had found a solution to my ADD. And after having tried it out, I think I really have found THE solution (for me at least).

I made a list. Like so many of us ladies, I love lists. The only thing I love more than making lists is crossing things off said lists. It's a beautiful, fulfilling thing, and I'm addicted. So I made a list of the projects I'm working on and would like to work on. I gave each project an arbitrary deadline, wrote up a "to do" for the project and estimated how many hours it would take to complete. I also listed any materials I needed to acquire.

And it already worked for me. I made new pillow covers for the couch, put some fabric away that I'd had sitting by my dresser for two weeks, organized part of a closet, all so I could cross those things off my list.

Front and back view of the pillow covers. The fabric was given to me by the lovely Sarah.

In her response to my last post, Dalene brought up a good point. It's easy to view the things that would be nice to do as things that "have" to get done. And they are not musts, just things that would be nice. After having read her comment, I've been thinking about why it is I want to do these projects and whether my priorities are clear. One solution to this is to rank my projects in order of importance. It would be nice to have a catalog of my shoes (Yes I really am that vain and meticulous. Oh and by the way I added a new pair to the collection that I am really excited about. Post to come later, maybe.) but it is more important for me to write my personal history. See? Priorities.

I'm working on this whole priorities thing and completing projects thing. And my list is a good start for me.

Thank you for being my therapists. I am so grateful for all of you dear readers.


  1. Thank YOU! I got a closet organized last night, thanks to your post, and a plan made for our basement - the project that really keeps me up at night. ADORABLE pillows, by the way. If you lived by me I would add a whole bunch of projects for ME to YOUR list. He, he.
    CONFESSION: I love crossing things off of lists so much that once in awhile, when I am feeling really down, I write things on my list that I have already completed JUST so I can cross something off. Pathetic, I know.

  2. I LOVE the pillows! You're making want to dust off my sewing machine and finish a few projects. Hmm, guess it's time to add to my growing list.


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