Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Project ADD

I've got a problem. Well, not really A problem, because I have many, well, not problems per se, but deficiencies... This post is taking a wrong turn. Let's back up.

I have a problem I would like to get off my chest. I have "Project ADD." What is this disorder? It is when people like me, who are interested in many things, look to find structure and meaning in working on projects, but not finishing them. What is wrong with me?

Don't answer that, because I already know the answer: I have "Project ADD," which would explain why it is that I started sewing several items which I haven't completed such as (CONFESSION ALERT) a wool coat that I haven't picked up since October, a dress that I just need to sew a zipper on and it's finished (in my defense, I do not like sewing in zippers), a pair of shorts I cut out last summer, fabric and patterns galore... Yeah I could go on, but I'm already embarrassed enough and I am about to reveal even more unfinished projects.

Confession 2: I have a year worth of photos printed and waiting to be scrapbooked. The problem is that part way through that project I got interested in going digital. So, I decided to start a digital scrapbook of our Europe trip. Fun, yes! And I'm almost all the way through with Paris, but I still have some writing to do. JUST FINISH IT! But instead I am unbelievably tempted to start on Rome.

Confession 3: That's not to mention the life history I started writing and stopped without bothering to finish my thought so that it would be easy to pick up when I became interested once again. Also not mentioning the photos I've been meaning to touch up, the DDR that I've been meaning to get better at, the recipes I've been wanting to try, the organization projects I'm itching to work on, the nutrition tracking database I've been working on for myself, the food storage system I've been wanting to develop, the list of places and things around town I want to photograph...

Enough. This is getting more and more depressing.


Okay, so this whole blogging thing is really therapeutic. I know what I need to do. Mrs. Organization herself (that's me) needs to get organized about her projects, and if she really wants to finish things, she should do what she does best which is make lists, set priorities and deadlines and work (and enjoy).

Thank you for reading dear readers. I feel better.


  1. I say free yourself. Free yourself of the guilt and just do whatever projects you want. And then in a few years donate them to DI, that's my strategy:).

  2. I mean donate the unfinished ones:) You can keep the finished ones.

  3. i'm glad i'm not the only one... there is an entire room in our basement right now that is mostly just storing my "projects"...

  4. Oh yeah, I totally relate. I know I have craft ADD, but now I'm starting to think it might be more pervasive than just my craft room. I like collecting supplies and thinking about what I could make, but actually getting around to making them--or more important, finishing them--is a little tricker. Lately I've been tempted by sexy new knitting projects, but I tell myself I can't start a new one until I make the sweater for Atty that I want him to wear next winter. Wish me luck...

  5. Okay, as I read your list my mental list got longer and longer. To be honest, sometimes I cannot sleep at night thinking of all the things I "have to do." It makes me crazy. I thought I would have SO much time while on maternity leave - 8 months in, I no longer think that. Grr.


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