Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Super Fun Life

I woke up this morning just knowing it would be an extraordinary day. I got ready for work while listening to tunes on my ipod. So fun even though it was ridiculously early (for me anyway, don't judge)! Then, after an exhilarating day at my epitome of awesomeness job, I came home and made super yums chocolate chip cookies for TC, because I'm just that kind of domestic goddess. And, I didn't even sample any of the dough (*cough*lie*cough*). After I'd finished baking the cookies, and cleaned up the kitchen so that it was super squeaky clean I made a delicious dinner. TC and I enjoyed dinner while having an AI viewing party (just the two of us to keep things intimate), which was so super fun. That Taylor girl from Utah is so super good, because she's from Hurricane. Did you notice how Ryan said Hurricane? He said it like it was a weather phenomena, rather than a Utah city (HER-ih-ken). That made me laugh so hard. Then TC fixed my super awesome computer, and then I decided to write all about it while watching the super neat Fox 13 News at nine.

Good night! And have a super tomorrow!*

*I'm not on drugs, just tired, bored and unbelievably silly.

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