Monday, September 28, 2009

Knit or woven?

Well rather than work on fixing the blog, I thought I'd ask the following question: ever worry that you wear too many knits rather than wovens?

Yeah, me either. That's obsessive and absurd.

Don't worry about me. I don't think about those kinds of things. My mind is constantly on more pressing, urgent, less vain matters. I never think about knits vs. wovens.


  1. No, and I NEVER worry about whether or not Zoey's colored bowls in the kitchen cupboard are in the same order as her colored bins upstairs in her closet. That would just be absurd.

  2. Dalene, I love you with all my heart!

  3. Too. Many. Knits?

    Wow, such a thing had never occurred to me.

    How can you... wait, maybe she means that... no, I think she might be saying that knitted goods are lesser than... no, Gordita wouldn't do that... you're right... but still... too many knits? Huh.

  4. One of my proudest moments was shooting down the woman who wanted to ban all knits from the approved wardrobe for sister missionaries. It was slightly awkward when I had to point out to her (male) boss that some of us would like to wear woven blouses but are *ahem* more endowed than other (stick-shaped)women, which makes anything button-up or non-stretchy uncomfortable in so many ways.

  5. Shannon, what I mean by knits are t-shirts (like those Down East Basic tees that I wear all too often although they do nothing for me to feel well dressed, put together or lovely), which, although I am supposed to dress professionally at work, I find myself grabbing all too often because they typically don't require ironing. I'm not talking about fine knitted, high quality items made from fibers you spun yourself. My goodness, I couldn't be talking about those types of things. I would wear those types of knitted things all the time if I had them. And, I'm also a sweater addict, so clearly I'm not worried about my sweater consumption.

    And Heidi, that victory was well fought and hard won and all sister missionaries in the field should sing your praises. For reals. You are a hero.


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