Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The rest of Idaho

So I promised you night life, and this is what night life means for me: Dinner in broad daylight. Delicious daylight.

Here's a photo Sarah and me right before we eat. We're hungry.

Then we went to a plaza and hung out. In daylight. Ahh the nightlife.

This is me in front of a fountain.

If you look closely (and I don't recommend it), you'll see that I have major eye bags because I'm so tired. Plus by this time the Doritos were giving me a hard time.

So we went back to our hotel and slept.

The next day, when we were more rested we went to a park with our friends the Bauers and played a little bit of football,

played on a playground,

Just as a side note, Pandora must know what I'm doing right now because guess what they're playing for me. Nope. Yeah, not that either. Okay, so I'll tell you. They're playing "Private Idaho" by the B-52's. Pandora is magic.

swung on the swings,

Stuck the landing by the way.

walked through a rose garden,

rode on paddle boats,

played chicken with ducks on said paddle boats,

raced some young girls (they challenged us, not the other way around),
This picture was taken while we were setting up. As you can imagine, once the race began I was far too occupied peddling as fast as my stubby little legs could to take any photos. My occupation paid off though because TC and I won by the way. Mostly TC won.

and I had my first snow cone ever.

What a morning!

And if that wasn't enough, we went to a fair and rodeo in the evening.

Here are some of the things I love about fairs:
The food. For example fried mushrooms. And free grilled onions on ANYTHING! The possibilities are endless.

The animals, especially the more unusual ones, like this miniature horse that TC named Cuddles in honor of his little sister.

And then there was a rodeo. I'd post the photo of TC and I at our first rodeo but we look dumb. So, instead I'll show you photos of

A bucking horse.

Another bucking horse.

Some guy enjoying the rodeo from the top of a trailer.

A rodeo clown in his car.

And a rainbow.

By the time the bull riding was up it was too dark to take any photos. The same goes for mutton busting. Fun times for sure.


  1. You look great, ya know? And thanks for being one of the few that still take time to burn through my late, picture-overload posts. :)

  2. I've only been to a rodeo once in my life. And I so wanted them to do mutton busting - but they didn't. The rodeo was in an arena in South San Francisco, though, which somehow makes is seem not very real. Maybe if I went to a real outdoor rodeo in really hick town, I would see mutton busting. Maybe.

  3. You know, it's funny, every once in a while Mike and I would be running out to get a snow cone and we'd say "Hey, next time let's make cure we invite G&TC." Then we'd end up going at 10pm again the next time and we knew that you have jobs, so we wouldn't want to risk waking you.

    Now, knowing that you hadn't had one before, we feel like crappy friends.


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