Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Caviar Dreams and Hawaii Wishes

We're here: the scene of the crime. Ten years ago, two days after our marriage, we traveled to Honolulu. The trip was a wedding gift from TC's father.

It was warm and humid. I was chubby and unprepared for the heat. Our hotel was one block from the beach. Location wise it was awesome. Otherwise, it was a bit sub-par. But who cared? We were in Honolulu, on our HONEYMOON. So exotic. And so grown up.

Did we explore the island? Did we attend a Luau? Did we get leied? Did we get amazing tans? The answer is the same for all four questions: no. What do I remember from our ten days there? Sleeping in, lazing about, sleeping in, doing what newlyweds do, eating, arguing, and window shopping.

So this time we have vowed that things will be different. This will be Our Honeymoon Take 2: More Money, Less Fighting. We WILL attend a Luau. We WILL explore the island. We WILL get leis. We WILL get amazing tans (not me, but TC will). And we'll do some of the things we did last time (I'll give you a hint; it's not the arguing).

And this time, we'll take an obnoxious number of photos. Because what's a vacation without photographic proof?

Here are some of the scarce photos we took the first time around:


  1. oh my!!!! that's sooo fun! i LOVE hawaii. what island are you going to? we have been to maui and twice to oahu. jimmy is opening two stores in the waikiki area in january. so he will be going quite often, especially the first few months of the yr. i hope i go one of those time too. it does get a little pricey. let me know if you want any ideas of stuff to do and where.

  2. Best wishes for your Honeymoon Take 2. I am jealous.


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