Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One week

Wednesday's highlights:

Leave this:

Arrive to this:

Two hour shuttle ride from the airport to our hotel (should have been more like 20 minutes). It was cheap, but slow.

Checked in to lovely hotel, Hyatt Regency (thanks Priceline).

That's the view of our hotel from the beach. We were on the mountain-facing side of the hotel, but on the 24th floor. Great views of the mountains and the "strip."

Dinner at Rock Island Cafe.

Read all about the possible insects.

Thursday's highlights:

Woke up early (5am island time).

Found a few insects staying in our room.
He looks unassuming and small, but let me assure you that he was actually fairly unassuming and small. I actually found him kind of cute. Hopefully he was harmless.

We set out to find the hotel that we stayed in ten years ago and found a Trump Tower in its place.

We walked down to the beach to see where we hung out so long ago. (We are sentimental fools.)

A few hours at the beach swimming in the ocean (TC), and trying not to get sunburned (Gordi).

A long walk to the grocery store to pick up some breakfast foods.

Dinner at Planet Hollywood (we HAD to stick with tradition).

We're out of focus. We haven't quite figured out the whole arm-stretched self-photograph thing.

Friday's Highlights:

A few hours at the beach.

Polynesian Cultural Center.

Canoe Pageant

Visiting the islands.

This was in Samoa. The guy climbed the coconut tree. Holy moly.

This was in Tonga. Any instrument you can play with your nostrils is my kind of instrument.

The luau.

The show.

Saturday's highlights:



Resting in Fort DeRussy Park.

Sunday's highlights:

Church at this beautiful place.

A long drive around the island.

Surfers on North Shore.

Monday's highlights:

A private tour given by a local, native Hawaiian who is passionate about Hawaii's history, language, and culture.

Brother DuPont took us to high places that overlooked gorgeous valleys and explained what we were seeing, and what we might have seen anciently.

He explained the overthrow of Hawaii's last queen Lili-uokalani. This was her palace.

Anniversary dinner at Orchids.

Our table was right next to the water. We saw the sunset and ships go by.

We got all dressed up and everything. Eating at Orchids was a life-changing experience. For reals.

Tuesday's highlights:


Bumming around.

TC captured this photo of the sunset from the pool terrace of our hotel while we were waiting for the shuttle to come get us to take us to the airport.

Flight home.


  1. glad you guys had a great time! love the pictures!

  2. YOU look beautiful and I am so glad you both had a great time. We are hoping for Hawaii a year from this summer and your pictures made me want it more!

  3. I am actually pretty dang jealous. Glad you guys were able to go back and have tons of fun! We have been trying to go to Hawaii for a few years now and something always gets in the way, but we will make it there someday, gosh darn it. Happy anniversary by the way.

  4. Looks like a terrific trip. I'm glad you had a good time. The photo leaving Salt Lake is so real and so sad, but it does help you appreciate the destination. Happy 10th anniversary! I think I should make sure Russell sees this so he can start formulating ideas about our 10th.


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