Monday, December 7, 2009

O tannenbaum!

This is our illustrious Christmas tree.

I didn't capture the top because frankly, the tree has no top. It's too tall for our apartment, so there's no room for a top of any sort.

Our tree is a mish-mesh of ornaments that we've been given or bought. There's no theme, no coherence, no design. We get the tree out, slap on the ornaments, talk about why we love (or hate in the case of one ornament) each one, then admire for a month until we take it down.

My favorite ornament is this little Pinocchio that we bought in Rome last year. So adorable. And look! He dances. I like to make him dance at least once a day, with theme music and everything.

Shake shake shake. Shake shake shake...

Then you have this ornament, a gift on our first Christmas together from my oldest sister.

Then you have a fish that a friend of Ivan's gave him. I wonder if that friend even remembers getting Ivan a fish ornament?

This Santa I inherited from my parents. I have no idea where they got it or when, but I know that it's been around since I can remember.

This year I made a garland by cutting out a bagillion flowers on my Cricut, then taping two together, then punching holes in the ends, then stringing them together with twine. It's kind of rustic and whimsical all at the same time.

And here you have a bonus picture that I accidentally took while jerking the camera around. It turned out pretty festive, so I share it with you.

What do you put on your tree? Do you decorate with a theme, or with memories, or with whatever you've got?

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