Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Confessions

I had a strange dream about a dog that was stalking me. That was this morning. Now I feel strange whenever I think about dogs. He licked me a lot. And could talk. Blech.

I made bread from scratch without any appliances for the first time in my life. That was last week. I lie when I say without any appliances, because I did use my kitchen-aid to help with the mixing. I guess what I really mean is that I did not use my bread machine for this. I felt pretty proud of myself. 

The bread I made last week was pretty dry.

But it looked like bread. So I was pretty excited about that.

I had to sweep every day last week with that bread around the house. It's crumbly.

I finished the skirt for Vogue 1169. The fabric hangs like a tarp. And it's poofy in the lower tummy. It looks frumpy. I'm frustrated. I spent hours and hours hand stitching it. Sigh. But for some reason I have started with the jacket, made from the same tarp-like material. Maybe, by some miracle, the jacket will look good made from tarp.

I sleep a lot when left to my own devices. I enjoy sleeping.

On that same note, I am perpetually lazy. It's a disease. 

There are gardeners outside my window using noisy machines. It's noisy.

I'm a hermit. I have been enjoying my solitude for the last two weeks. It worries me a little bit that maybe I enjoy being alone a little bit too much.

That being said, I am so excited when TC comes home from work. So that gives me hope that I'm not entirely anti-social.

I need to stop sitting here, trying to think of interesting things to type because I need to clean up my mess. I have clothes strewn all around my bedroom, and the bed isn't made. For shame!


  1. I am SO looking forward to seeing your suit. Everything I've seen you make has been incredibly foxy.

    Sounds like you are having so much fun!!! I'm so glad. And so jealous. :)

  2. And ps. there's not much yummier in this world than homemade bread. MMMMMmmmmmmmmm.

  3. Hey, if you decide you want to be less hermit-like, I've been looking for someone to hold my hand (so to speak) while I make myself a dress. I'm terrified of patterns and fitting, but I'd like to sew more clothing. And I live only a few blocks away.

    Just a thought...


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