Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The week of the finished projects

I finally have for you pictures of projects I previously mentioned and finished, but never followed through with photos of the completed product. I lack in the follow through/ follow up departments.

To make up for that, I have three finished projects that I will share with you one by one. The first is the one I am least excited about.

Back in March I mentioned that I was making New Look 6732.

I bought the pattern because I fell in love with view E (the short, puffy sleeved top with Peter Pan collar). It's an adorable style.

When I got to cutting the pattern out, I felt some doubt about the puffy sleeves. Out of sheer laziness and not wanting to make any changes to the pattern, I cut out and made the puffy sleeves.

This is the result.

Please excuse the intense look in my eyes. Who knows what was going on.

I look a bit more normal here. 

So my beef with the top is that it calls a lot of attention to my shoulders, which I am self-conscious about. I feel like I'm too top heavy with my shoulders and bust and beefy arms, and I feel like this top calls a lot of attention to that area with the collar and puffy sleeves. Also, the top really needs to be buttoned to the very top to complete the look, but I am not a fan of round necks on me. Again, it calls attention to my upper torso, and to my round face.

I'm not pointing these things out for any other reason that to verbalize what I learned about my body type and what flatters my figure most. Oddly enough, I have not paid much attention to this whole dressing for my body type thing because I really haven't felt like I have a body type, other than my long torso which makes it difficult to find tops that offer enough coverage, especially with pants. But this top, and another project that I will share with you this week, brought my awareness to the forefront.

Another problem I see is the print: I'm not loving it. I bought it cheap from Fabric.com and thought it looked "okay" online. Once it arrived, I liked it less. And now that's it been made into something I like it even less.

Positives are as follows: the fabric is cotton with stretch so it wears nicely, the bottom half of the top fits well, I lengthened the top by about 3" so it would be long enough to wear with pants, and it's not a t-shirt.

So, the top isn't my favorite. Tucked under a cardigan, it's pretty cute. I wear it occasionally, but now I know that top heavy blouses are not the most flattering on me.


  1. Are you kidding? Send it to me, I'll wear it all the time. I really love it.

  2. and if you don't send it to her, send it to me. :) I think it looks great.


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