Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gordi Discovers "Non-alcoholic" Cider

The often reserved and quiet Gordi found her inner Argentine one Christmas.

After having a few glasses of "non-alcoholic" cider (which means that it has less than a certain, very low percent of alcohol content) I wondered why I was dizzy and having to lean on furniture constantly, but I drowned out the dizziness by downing even more cider, despite the burning as it went down. After a few glasses, I found it incredibly easy to speak Spanish, and make jokes, and act silly, and make a fool of myself in front of the in-laws. (Not that I hadn't already made a fool of myself numerous times. This time was different in that it was not so accidental.)

So I enjoyed that noche buena a lot more than I've ever enjoyed any others. And TC and I laugh at my low tolerance for alcohol (which is, not surprisingly, zero) and at how "loose" I was after a few drinks. At least I'm not a mean drunk. Just imagine what Nyquil does to me.


  1. Ha ha. Just getting me really really tired is funny. In Australia we were so jet lagged and tired all the time. One night RObert's old exchange student from Japan asked if I had alcohol in my milk.

  2. Ahahahahah! This is an awesome story. These are so fun to read!

  3. I remember you telling me this story after you got back, and it still makes me laugh. :)


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