Monday, December 15, 2008

To sum it up

And to stop boring our readers who are looking for entertainment rather than sappy memories, I will finish my reminiscing with some of our favorite memories of times past.

Taking pictures with our webcam (2000).

Getting a new digital camera and taking photos like crazy (2002).

The blue Escort, which TC dubbed "The Cadillac of the poor people" because of the smooth suspension and how high the driver sits. It was sad when that car started to poop out on us in 2002.

Watching the Stadium of Fire from Rock Canyon Park. It took us 2 1/2 hours to drive 1 mile to our home. Yikes! My niece Cheyenne was with us that Independence Day (2002).

TC's graduation from BYU in 2003.

The only time I've ever seen TC sunburned was summer 2003. We had spent the entire day at Great America, from early morning until early evening. The redness only lasted that night. The next day he was all toasty brown and hot and stuff.

Eating at Jerry's, a fabulous burger joint that was a block and a half from our place. So delicious, so inexpensive. It was sad when they closed. I guess after we moved away and were unable to single-handedly support their business they had no choice but to close shop.

The Orem Summerfest in 2004. That's when I got Pancho (the animal puppet I'm holding). That's also when we rode the ride pictured behind us. The carny operating it was too busy flirting to pay attention to how long the ride had been running, it ran for too long, and people began vomiting. He eventually realized what was going on, let those people off, cleaned up the seats, and opened it right back up again. TC, his sister and husband, brother and I all hopped on. Although none of us lost our bearings so to speak, we all felt pretty sick after the spinny ride that went on for too long. But that didn't stop us from getting pupusas for dinner.

Moving to Salt Lake City in 2004. It was July, hot, sweaty and we had accumulated a lot of stuff. TC drove this moving van from Provo to SLC, which he "enjoyed" because as soon as he gained some speed on the freeway, the side mirrors folded in.

Summer 2004 is also when we discovered that TC is really good with the grill. (Is it really any surprise that an Argentine is good at grilling?) He found himself grilling for us, his family, my family, friends and distant cousins that summer.

The time in 2005 when we took my nephew Carter to see trains close up. We somehow missed the signs that said, "Do not trespass. Private property. Violators will be yelled at and threatened by a stern lady who will go on and on about the 'law' and 'trespassing' and the 'the safety of small children.'" Whoops! But Carter enjoyed seeing the trains.

The Compensator needs not hide behind any mask. But it was good times when he did at Carter's birthday party.

Meeting Mickey in 2007. Holy moly that was good times.

The end.


  1. I didn't realize you guys have been together for so long. Well, heck yeah you've had some good times. I agree. Mickey certainly should be at the top of your list!


  2. I'm so glad you've reminisced. It's fun to see you guys back in the days before the Brigham. I can't believe it's been over four years since we first met. I miss u guys and wish we were still vising teachers together.

  3. Since I haven't seen you since before you got married it was nice to see all of these looks back at the time you two have spent together. Aren't the early, poor years of marriage some of the best of times?

  4. Mickey! Sweet!

    You're brave. I don't think I would have gotten on that ride after that.

  5. YAY! I love your flashbacks! I think your stories are hilarious, especially because they really happened! I can just hear Ivan now retelling the story about the U-Haul with the folding mirrors! Oh, you guys are great!

  6. We loved Jerry's too!! We were so sad to see that it was out of business. You are fabulous! We've been blessed to know you.


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