Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow, My New Coat and Bond, James Bond

Merry Christmas all! I'm sad that the season is drawing to a close. Here's a little glimpse of our Christmas festivities.

TC got a batarang money clip to hold all his monies. *cough*

And the new Bond game for PS3. Gordita (that's me) was sneaky and tricky to throw him off the scent of his Christmas gift. I encouraged TC several times to go get the game. TC wanted to wait, thankfully for me. And he was surprised and pleased to get the game he'd been wanting.

TC's gift to me was an amazingly beautiful, wonderfully fantastic coat. I love everything about it: the color, the cute little bow in the back, the portrait collar, the swinginess of it... It was a wonderful surprise.

What could be in this mysterious box?

Oh my goodness! I can hardly believe my eyes.

Shock and awe.

The adorable coat, which incidentally does not go well with my chunky turtleneck sweater.

On Christmas Day we ventured to Provo to see TC's sisters. This was the scene at the point of the mountain.

This was the scene on the way to TC's sister's house.

This was the road to our destination.

This was the mess we made on the road trying, with all of Thor's might, to make it up that slippery slope. Yes, we uncovered that man hole with our sliding.

After making it only feet away from the driveway just to realize that Thor could not make it, we had to slide down the hill and find another way. But we made it. And once we made it in, we were able to see these lovely faces, among others.



Matias taught me how to play the capture the alien game.

I received a game. The loser gets an electric shock. Fun stuff. Don't be a loser.

TC received a mini remote control helicopter.

All in all, it was a great Christmas. I've enjoyed reading all my dear readers' Christmas updates, and am grateful for your friendship. It all started with a little baby born in Bethlehem and that baby changed the world irrevocably. And for that I am grateful.

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