Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What is Gordita? And other questions of the universe, answered here!

1. What does Gordita mean? Some of you may have wondered why I refer to myself as Gordita. Still others of you may have wondered why I refer to myself in the third person, but that's not the issue at hand. Gordita, my dear friends, is a nickname, a term of endearment that TC started calling me after we got married. It's not a hidden message that he thinks I could lose a few (even if I think I could). It's simply a dear way for him to refer to me.

2. Where did we come up with The Compensator? "The Compensator" comes from TC's feeling that some day, like many men between the ages of 40-50, he will want to compensate for something and will be forced to buy a large manly truck, fancy sexy sports car, have a brow lift, or get a toupee. His dream is to someday have a big truck (perhaps junky since that would add to the irony) and put in old English letters on the back window "The Compensator." This would be hilarious in our opinions. It's okay if you don't get it at first. I didn't either.

3. Why is the sky blue? Cuz blue is one of my six favorite colors.

4. Where is TC from? And Gordita? Both are from the far away land of Heaven.

5. How did TC and Gordita meet? At that old matchmaker, love-breaker, heart-taker, BYU. Roommate + super cool, super smart older RM brother = Gordi & TC.

6. Does Gordita speak Spanish? This one is up for debate. Discuss.

The end.

p.s. if there are questions of the universe that have been neglected and you demand an answer, let me know. I'll do my best. Because at ikrod, we do our best to keep our customers happy.


  1. you were such a fun roommate. too bad it wasn't MY RM brother, then i'd see you at least once in a while.... but i suppose you're in heaven with TC, so i wouldn't want to break that up.

  2. Please tell me when Ivan really does get a huge truck and puts "The Compensator" in Old English lettering. I will laugh my head off.

  3. Finally, my long unanswered questions have finally been answered!

  4. you are so funny! I seriously laugh right out loud when I read your posts! :)

  5. Even funnier would be "The Compensator" in Old English lettering on Jenni's mini. Now, that would make me laugh.

  6. You speak the Spanish. I've heard it. And, more to the point, I've seen TC understanding it.


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