Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mystery Noise

For the last few weeks, we've heard a mystery noise in our apartment. It's actually coming from outside. I can't, for the life of me or anyone else, figure out what the noise is. It's like a tone. Imagine humming, whirring "booooooohhhhhhh" in a B flat. And it goes on for 30 seconds or longer. And one time, I went out on the balcony to hear it better, and it was loud. I mean LOUD, like jet engine taking off half a mile away loud (which really isn't all that loud, but my point is that the noise bothers me, so I want to hide the fact that the noise isn't a big deal by making it seem like it is so super loud by using comparisons that on the surface accomplish my goal, but if one were to analyze it further one would realize that I am making a mountain out of a noisy little molehill).

And let me further aggrandize my efforts by saying that going outside to investigate was a big sacrifice for me, because I wasn't wearing shoes, and the concrete is very cold, and I tend to forget that we even have a balcony during the winter because I refuse to go out there because it's cold and dark and dank and dirty, and I'm exaggerating. But this will explain why my cute little pine tree will likely die in a few months.

Anyway, back to the tone. It reminds me of the hearing tests I took in elementary school where the big bookmobile-type truck would come to the school and I had to go in and wear headphones and raise my hand if I could hear the tone. The noise is like that. And it's driving me out of my mind. What is it? Why is it? Is there a pattern? Does it sound in even intervals? Why do I care? Should I raise my hand every time I hear it? Is the city testing my hearing?

And every time I hear the sound I say to TC in an agitated tone of voice, "TC, there it is AGAIN. What IS it?" And TC shrugs his shoulders indifferently and goes back to whatever he is doing (i.e. sleeping) and my blood pressure rises because I cannot figure out what the noise is and it really REALLY bothers me.

Stupid noise.


  1. Is it a neighbor doing, well um, you know?

  2. That sound would really bug me, too. Is it at the same time every day? Or is it totally random? Do your neighbors hear it?

  3. Have no fear, I do the same thing, only I do not hear your mystery noise. I hope you find whoever or whatever and it makes you feel better, or you can make it stop.

  4. Is it the construction? That's super bothersome. I hate that. Our heater is really loud in our house and it bothers me a lot....and I know what the sound is!

  5. Thanks for your support girls. The noise continues, but I'm less irritated by it. Dalene: Vacuuming? *wink* Nope. That sounds different. Kim: Random, it seems. I haven't asked anyone that lives on my side of the building. Sarah: Thanks for the encouragement. Next time you come over I'll have you listen for it. Abby: It could be related to the construction. But it happens in the middle of the night too. If I ever figure out the noise, I will post an update.

  6. Is it maybe the compressors at the pool? Or its water heater?

    I understand your frustration. We get a host of weird noises. Hammering sounds, clicking, and what I spear is someone walking around on the floor above us... except that we live on the top floor. It can keep me up at night sometimes.

  7. I think you've got someone living inside of your head. Good luck with that.


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