Friday, November 7, 2008



1. The Eiffel Tower. How can this not be our number one favorite thing about Paris. It's so big and lacey and pointless, but beautiful. And we stood right under it. It was like a dream. Here are some of our favorite photos.

We're not photoshopped in, Gordita's honor. It's just hard to take photos at night. And even with the difficulty, Kacy did a great job.

2. The Louvre. So many wonderful things to see! Gordita was achy and sick the day we went, but she endured four hours despite her illness because it was just that good. And we still didn't see everything there is to see. Some of our favorite things:

Gordita's favorite thing to see anywhere.

Gordita's favorite painting of Christ.

Some armless lady.

Some mysterious smiling lady whose eyes seem to follow you.

A winged lady.

Of course we couldn't leave out the Madonna and child paintings. This is just one.

Gum Gum was there.

Mummies and more!

The pyramid. So triangular!

3. Notre Dame. What a beauty! No wonder it took 200 years to complete.

Mariachis in France?

The candles.

A window.


We had not idea that the Grim Reaper was there that day. The things that are left out of the story!

Wow again.

Tall isn't it?

The door.

Headless apostle.


Flying buttress.

4. The Seine. Everything about this river is romantic. From the bridges that cross it, the walkways that run beside it, the houses that line it. Gordita was excited when she saw what looked exactly like where Remy runs along the river in Ratatouille (somehow she is unable to locate a photo of that).

Pretty bridge.

How would you like to live there?


Smell the romance! Or is that the river?

Walkway beside the river.

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  1. I feel like I need to go back to Paris just to see Gum Gum.


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