Friday, November 7, 2008



1. The water taxi. We hired a taxi from the airport to our hotel. It was massively glamorous and equally expensive.

TC and Gordita enjoying their luxury taxi.

View from said water taxi.

2. The hotel. It was lovely, in a residential area away from the main tourist sites.

The front of the hotel.

The water shuttle that took us from Guidecca to Venice. So convenient, so free.

3. St. Mark's Square. It's beautiful, the shops are unique and lovely, and you can't beat having live tango music played in such a beautiful courtyard.

TC in the square.

The live music.

The square became even more romantic as evening fell.

4. Gondolas. Although we didn't ride in one, we fell in love with the shiny gondolas.

5. Venice. Venice itself was a highlight. It's charming, enchanting, old, and romantic.

Gordita on Rialto Bridge.

The happy couple on yet another bridge that crosses yet another canal. So connective.

Get your Chinese on.

6. Finding a grocery store. We went hungry, bought more than we could (should) have eaten, then ate it all. That's what a week of near starvation will do to you.

TC and Gordita enjoying the loot.

Venice is romantic, charming, enchanting, and really any synonym for those words. There is an alarming lack of vegetation. Food and, well everything, is pricey. But it's Venice and it's beautiful.


  1. I loved Italy, but we didn't quite make it to Venice. You are making me want to go to Europe again! Looks like you had tons of fun.

  2. You were really able to take a "water taxi" from the airport? That is so cool! I have to go to Venice!!!

  3. Great photos! I need to hire you to give me lessons.


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