Friday, November 21, 2008


I love shoes. It's borderline obsessive. If shoes were a person, they would probably seek a restraining order against me. When a well dressed lady walks by me, I almost immediately look down at her shoes so I can admire them, likely coming across as either creepy or catty. I love trying on shoes, I love looking at them, I love buying them, I love wearing heels in the house for no reason at all other than to wear them, even if I'm no more dressed up than pajama pants and a sweater.

So rather than analyzing why I might have a borderline obsession with shoes, likely tied to the fact that despite whatever weight I am, my shoe size stays the same, and no matter how un-bony the rest of my body is, my feet have typically been rather bony, I would like to share with my dear readers one of my newest acquisitions in the Gordita's Closet Special Collection (GCSC).

Meet Apepazza Lulu in purple. It was love/want/need at first sight the other day when TC pointed them out to me at DSW (which has a website that isn't as good as their store here). And once I tried them on I fell even harder for their whimsical bows and impractical color. What's more fun than whimsy and impracticality? TC fully supports my shoe aficionado-ness, and I had already fallen hard, so I got them.

And now I'm wearing them. And I feel like a million bucks. And I'm happy with my Lulus. And yet, somehow, I still can't get enough of looking at other shoes...

I have a wandering eye for shoes...

Yikes! That's a post for another day.


  1. I LOVE DSW!! I've purchased a couple of completely impractical shoes there myself. I love how feminine high heels make me feel - I'm a true believer in heels and jeans. I love the color of your latest acquisition.

  2. I first learned of the joy that is DSW when I was in NY. I knew Utah had hit the big time when a store opened here. I, too, share the love for the shoe.

  3. Oh my goodness they are beautiful. So glad that tc supports your shoe obsession. I mean that's only fair with his tie obsession and all. I wish I could see you walking down the hallway in those bad boys...miss you guys.


  4. They're BEAUTIFUL! Impractical ha!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes you sweet thing!

  5. Proof of why i have loved you so long! We share the shoe obsession, jared no longer asks why! I just found an amazingly similar pair that are fabulous. I will blog about them soon!

  6. Those are SO YOU!! I think they look fantastic! I am so excited to see you wear them! This is actually Sarah not Jared, like the name says.

  7. My soulsta;) I want to pull them off the screen!

  8. There are things in life that require dedication, devotion, and a monogamous interest. Shoes are the opposite of that. And believe me, when you look down at a woman's shoes she's not noticing. She's doing the same to yours.

    They are such an easy love. I'm a huge Mary Jane girl, and love the Birkenstock pretty well. Neither of these are considered particularly "stylish" shoes, but I love them just like you love your heels. it's just a girl thing. THough I'm jealous, when I gain weight my shoes do get tighter.

  9. These are georgeous - simply spectacular. And I share your love affair with awesome shoes. HOWEVER, my feet grew a whole size (no joke) with my pregnancy. I researched this and, apparently, it happens! I recently parted ways with all my beloved shoes and am still depressed by it. Sigh.

  10. Oh my those are ADORABLE! I love them!!! have a great eye for shoes!! And I LOVE the color...ooh la la. :) hope you are doing well!!


  11. I'm glad someone else shares in my shoe obsession. I definitely would rather buy shoes than most things. Depressed? Go buy shoes. Happy? Celebrate with a pair of shoes! Don't have anything to do? GO BUY A PAIR OF SHOES!

  12. Hello!! how are you guys doing?? still at the brighams? so excited to see you guyes here!

  13. Kristina!I love shoes too! I love to match each one with the right cloth.
    I think is very important for a Girl,mean LADY to be well dressed and of course shoes is an exencial part of it!!
    Sometimes girls do not realize that,for example you can wear a common pair of jeans but shoes can give you that especial touch...that shows your good style.
    Because i am a bit tall i prefere not to wear high shoes,just with a bit one,and i find them more comfortable.
    Every time i go to the mall i spend lot of time catching up with the new fashion tendency in shoes...I LOVE THEM..but i love much more purses!!!!Wowwwwwww...a very nice pair of shoes with a good purse that is heaven hehehehe.
    Do i sound superficial??i hope dont hehe.But cloth,shoes and purses have an esencial part in my life..i love fashion...

    What i hate the most is when i go to a shoes store and find the perfect pair and the numbers are too big or too small,why everybody in Uruguay has the same number i have???

    Esteban wonders why i take pictures of my shoes,now i realize that i am not weird!!thanks Kristina you made my day!!!

  14. I have the best girl friends ever. Thanks for the love on the shoes.

    Lucia: Thank you for your comment! I agree with you on purses and other accessories: they can make or break an outfit. I hope you are feeling better. Our prayers are with you.


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