Wednesday, December 31, 2008

English is real good.

I'm a jerk. This is well established, however I restate this fact because some of you might not know about all the facets of my jerkitude. Bad grammar brings out my jerkness.

I get annoyed when I read obvious spelling errors and see punctuation abuse. My writing is far from perfect, so the whole mote and beam reference comes to mind. But that will not stop me from listing two errors that I find particularly bothersome:
The misuse (under or over use) of the apostrophe, especially when used to denote a plural.
Misuse of your vs. you're enrages me. (Not really enraging per se, I just wanted to use the word enrage.)

On another note, sarcasm comes to mind. Sarcasm can sometimes be used for humorous effect. Also, irony and good old fashioned humor can be used for humor.

"Owww, look at me, Marge, I'm making people happy! I'm the magical man, from Happy Land, who lives in a gumdrop house on Lolly Pop Lane! . . . By the way I was being sarcastic."

So my question is, do you ever feel like no one gets you? Do you say things that people misunderstand and you try to explain what you really meant and they don't get it because they assume that you were trying to insult them but you weren't then you feel like a complete moron for trying to make a joke with someone who obviously does not understand your sense of humor? Do you find yourself explaining your words far more than you feel necessary, forming sentences that are too long to read outloud in one breath?

Nope? Yeah, me neither.

So my point is, besides not actually having a point, that English is good. Also, Homer Simpson sometimes is sarcastic, and so am I. But if you have to explain your humor, doesn't it render the intended humor humorless?


  1. Just yesterday I stressed over, "New Years" vs. "New Year's." (See my blog.) I still can decide which is correct. It's not multiple years but I didn't write "New Year's Eve" with possession involved. Oh well, being out of school for as long as I have is taking its toll.

    I especially like your post title "real." My sister and I have studied the Flake family and have decided that we do not ever use the word "really." We only use "real" somehow thinking "real" expresses greater emphasis than "really."

    For the record, I get your humor and appreciate it.

  2. I so gett yoo. I can barly stand reeding emails and blog coments becase of all the error's peeple put out their four all of us to sea! Yikes!

  3. I love you! and yes, I get you!

  4. I always see errors in books or even in advertisements and it bugs me beyond belief. I should totally be some kind of proofread or editor or something and get paid tons of money.

  5. Those are normal and natural reactions to those errors and in no way make you a jerk. Just literate.


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