Tuesday, October 6, 2009


At work there is a sweet lady named Gayle. In the seven years I've worked here, I've known of her, but not known her. Recently, I've had the chance to get to know her a bit better, and let me tell you, she's a sweetheart.

Whenever I need a pick-me-up, Gayle seems to come around. She's a woman who has devoted the last 40 or so years of her life to researching her family history, finding names of ancestors and ensuring none of them are forgotten. She is sweet, and kind and quiet. I've always thought she was a little bit shy.

It all started several months ago when she complimented me on my shoes. I had no idea she had any interest in shoes. I had no idea that anyone even paid attention. But Gayle complimented me on my shoes (red peep-toes) one day, and it made my day. The next day, she complimented me on my black square-toe heels. The next day along with the compliment on my shoes she told me that she had a secret love of shoes, and was devastated the day doctors prescribed her orthopedic shoes. Although she can no longer wear them, she has never given up her heel collection, and pulls them out every so often just to admire them. The next day she admitted that she watches for me to walk by so she can check out my shoes.

So develops a highly one-sided relationship where I happen by and Gayle pays me a huge compliment. I find myself beaming after every encounter with her. She compliments my entire ensemble (as she calls them), saying I belong on a runway, or that my outfit looks like it's straight out of a magazine. By no means do I think I'm a fantastic dresser. But Gayle is impressed every day with my outfits. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I'll just walk by Gayle. She'll have something nice to say.

Because of her, I'm inspired to be a little ray of sunlight in someone's dreary day. Who is a ray of sunlight in your life?


  1. I love when she makes comments on your ensemble. It makes me happy too. On the rare occasion she comments on my outfit (I am not as fashionable as you), it always brightens my day!

  2. Definitely Zoey. She makes me laugh so hard. I feel like I went for a few years without laughing as much as I should have, and Zoey is helping me make up for the lost laughs!


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