Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I chipped a tooth and other news.

That's right. I chipped a tooth. One of my front teeth. So I'm going to see the dentist this afternoon and he's going to put my tooth back together, or something. How'd I do it? Biting my nail. So lame.

I sliced my finger open yesterday at work, while I was moving boxes around. My finger got caught on the metal clasp of a manila folder. It bled and bled. Lame.

TC is awesome, and when I say awesome, I mean super duper awesome. For reals. I had a migraine last night and randomly burst into tears from exhaustion and pain, and he held me. What a man! Not lame.

I've been sewing for myself a lot lately. I'm planning on posting photos of my projects someday. I find trying on my creation and pulling out the camera a hassle. I'm lame.

My sister started a blog, which I am excited about. The blogging world needs to know that she's cool. Lame that the blogging world doesn't already know.

Our good friends moved, and we're sad. And lonely. And sad. But we're going to see them this weekend, so that's not lame.

Lame-4; Not Lame-2


  1. well, let's see... you're not lame by any stretch of the imagination, and TC isn't lame at all either, so...

    Lame: 4 Not Lame: 4

    Guess you're even.

  2. Ang, you're so kind. Thanks for evening the score.

  3. oh no! i hope the dentist fixed your tooth!

  4. I'm sorry about the tooth and the finger. And remember, you'll never get any judgement from me, I once twisted my ankle unlocking a door.

  5. You chipped your tooth because you were biting your nails? That’s odd. Shouldn’t that be the other way around? I could only assume that that particular part of your tooth has slowly been detriorating over time, which is not a good sign. Anyway, I hope the dentist fixed your tooth soon after. Take care!

    Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental


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