Thursday, November 19, 2009

Panic! What vitamin D deficiency really means!

A friend at work sent me this article after I told her about my vitamin D deficiency. It made us both laugh a little.

The article is trying to point out the problems that often accompany vitamin D deficiency. But it kind of does a poor job of it. My favorite line is, "When compared with those with normal levels, those with a low level of the vitamin were ... 77 percent more likely to die."

I'm pretty sure we all have a 100% likelihood of death. Just saying.

But truly I get it. Vitamin D is necessary and has links to heart health, overall wellbeing, so on and so forth. And from now on, I will be conscious of my vitamin D levels and have it checked every so often. But really? I'm 77 percent more likely to die? Ha. I laugh in the face of meaningless percentages.

Shoes today are:

Guess Charlotte in black suede. These are my most recent acquisition, from DSW. The nice folks at the Designer Shoe Warehouse sent me a certificate for $20 off. That dough went toward these beauties. Admire the buckle, the suede... Sigh. And check out the heather grey tights. Wee.

Don't think that I wear exciting shoes everyday. You saw the flats from Tuesday? So what am I wearing when I don't post my shoes? Boring stuff, or shoes I've already shown you. *yawn*

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  1. Glad you got the humor, and not that I was excited that you were 77% more likely to die than me :) Someone should have proofread that article first!


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