Monday, November 23, 2009

More embarrassing moments

Andrea's comment that at least I didn't literally run into the big man on Friday got me thinking about a time that my BFF Kacy and I shared embarrassing moments at the same event.

A few years back, Kacy and I and others were asked to assist at a luncheon for the top 15 of the Church and their wives. Our assignments were to help seat the brethren and their wives as they came in. I remember I was wearing a skirt suit (black jacket, black pencil skirt) and a button down top. I might have been wearing pearls. I was the model of grace and professionalism. This story really just proves that you can dress a monkey in silk, but he's still a monkey.

First, let's talk about Kacy's less awkward, could happen to anyone, moment. She was assigned DFU and his wife. When they came in, she walked up, greeted them, told them that she would be helping them to their seats, turned around quickly to walk toward their seats, and face planted right into MRB's chest, nearly knocking him over. Then there was a little "should I go this way? no you go that way." dance that she shared with him before she was able to turn back around to see the DFUs standing and watching, wondering what to do. In the end it was 10 seconds of awkwardness and she was able to show them to their seats without further incident. She was mortified (and I'm a good friend for sharing this story with all of you).

Now on to my, this kind of stuff only happens to Gordita, mishap. I was assigned RGS. When he walked in, I moved toward him with my arm outstretched with the intention of holding on to his left elbow with my right hand to show him to his seat. He thought I was going in for a handshake, but the angle I was coming in was awkward for that. He offered me his right hand, but I was standing next to him by this point. It ended up being this awkward hand holding ordeal (my clammy fingers holding on to the very ends of his fingertips) as I led him to his seat. After a few steps holding hands, he withdrew his hand and followed me to his seat with no further physical contact. This left both of us feeling uncomfortable. But now it just makes me laugh. I doubt he remembers the Q12 groupie that held his hand.

So there you have it folks. After seven years of working in the same place, I've had contact with important people from time to time, and made a mess of it more often than not. It's not glamorous, just embarrassing. :)

P.S. Sorry for the initials. It just seems less pretentious than using their full names. Plus, I don't want this to come up in some Google search where an innocent soul is searching for the word of God and gets the word of Gordita (far inferior) instead.


  1. ha ha. thanks for making me smile.

  2. Hahaha! I am laughing so hard. You are so funny!

    I came to visit and THANK YOU for all the amazing family history online sources. I feel like it is an early Christmas present!! (I know, I know I am such a geek)


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