Friday, April 9, 2010

Apostle Stats

A friend sent me a link to this:

which has statistical analysis on the number of children of the current LDS Apostles. Surprising, the average number of children is 5 (I guess I thought it would be higher).

And one other thought for this Friday: I was lovingly reminded by a friend the other day that I have a 4-5 year window in which to conceive any children (he didn't say what would happen after 4-5 years, but I would suppose that I will become barren, bitter and unable to conceive). I guess I'd better hurry since my window of opportunity is closing in on me. I was grateful* for the reminder.

*grateful does not quite describe my feelings about that conversation.


  1. That is interesting on the number of kids the Apostles have. Makes me feel better that I'm probably:) done at 3. My MIL had her last at 45 and plenty of women have kids in their 30s for sure. Believe me, when doctors and nurses see me with 3 kids at 30 they're totally shocked because that's when most women START to have kids.

  2. That was so kind of that person! Seriously!

  3. I am lovingly reminded of the same thing almost on a daily basis.

  4. Ah yes. I've heard the same thing. Apparently when I turn 33 my insides will wither up and fall out. Well, that'll be fun too.

  5. Oh wait, you probably forgot to mention that that person was blind and thought you were 45, right?


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