Sunday, April 18, 2010

Everybody look at me I'm sailing on a boat.

*cue stock footage of cruise ships, port of San Diego, people behaving obnoxiously on a cruise ship*
One cruise. In the ocean. Sailing to Ensenada. From San Diego. It was a cruise that would change their lives. Forever.

*cue footage over the ocean, racing toward the boat*
They will discover the mysteries that the water hold for them.

*cue footage of me popping Pepto*
They know the dangers of the all day buffet. But will they succumb?

*cue footage of pasty white legs on a lounge chair by a pool*
Will their legs blind the others?

*black screen with white lettering: Coming Soon. Spring 2010.*
Coming soon (when we get back) to blogs (this one) near you.

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