Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cruise: The Players and the Ship

On Monday we embarked on our first cruise. With my parents, two of my sisters and their husbands, two nieces, one nephew, and one brother-in-law's mother, we set sail. Wearing matching t-shirts (fabulously tacky, no?). With nicknames.

From Cruise Apr 2010

Gordita: Bratovna

TC: Max Power (he got it off a hair dryer)

KL: (middle) Hula Hoop
KH: (right) Hot Fuzz

KH's Mom: (left) Cucucachoo

CH: (right) Poptart Jedi

Mom: Mamarazzi

Dad: Super Chief

KW: (right) Polly Tishan

SW: (left) Dough Boy

CK1: (right) Shark Bait

CK2: (left) Sunshine Eyes

Monday, Day 1: Embarkation.
Tuesday, Day 2: "Fun Day" at Sea.
Wednesday, Day 3: Catalina Island.
Thursday, Day 4: Ensenada, Mexico.
Friday, Day 5: Debarkation. Flight home.

The whole trip really started on Sunday morning, at 5am, at my parents' house where we all met up for breakfast and family prayer. Everyone in the party except for TC, my parents and me drove down to San Diego. TC and I flew in to San Diego and met up with my parents. We took the super-duper overpriced Carnival shuttle to the ship ($16/person one way) which is actually only about 2 miles from the airport. Note for anyone who might take this cruise: catch a taxi for about $18 rather than pay $32 for two people, plus the obligation to give tips. What a rip!

Mom and Dad on the Carnival shuttle bus.

We found the rest of the family and had lunch together. Then as a family we explored the boat, took some photos, and rested for a bit before dinner. I think the Jedi convinced his parents to take him swimming.

TC and I checked in to our deceptively named Stateroom and had a laugh at the curtains covering what looks like it might be a window, but is not.


Self portrait in the mirror.


At 5:30pm we pulled away from the port. We gathered at the front end of the ship to watch. They blew the horn which is unsurprisingly loud. I was giddy with excitement as we pulled away and sailed out to sea. How fun!

At dinner we met our server, a man from Thailand, who I will refer to as Thailand. He was hilarious. And as he served us our food he would say, "Wow."

Shark Bait and Max Power at dinner. They are homies.

Up next, Day Two: Laying out and elegant dinner.

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