Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3 of the Cruise: Catalina Island and Getting Seasick

We woke up on Wednesday morning to the continuing storm. But we got to see a rainbow that ended right in the water.

So we tendered from the ship to Catalina Island.

That's not our shore boat, obviously, but that's what ours looked like.

Once on shore we posed for some pictures, and did some shopping.

Clarissa, aka Shark Bait, was excited to have found a street named after her. Or was she named after the street?

Then we rented golf carts. TC was our driver, and Hot Fuzz was the driver of the other cart.

CK1 and CK2 enjoying their cart ride.

TC is a good driver. Promise.

See? How can you not trust a face like this?

Mom and Dad enjoyed their ride.

Hula Hoop and Cucucachoo in the other cart.

After the golf cart ride we had about an hour to spare before our glass bottom boat tour, so we stopped for lunch. Catalina is really a cute little place.

This baby head kind of freaked me out. Why they put an adult sized t-shirt on a baby head, I will never know.

Then a tragedy struck. Our glass bottom boat ride was cancelled because the seas were too rough. Disheartened, we decided we would tender back to the ship and have a proper lunch (because cheap wads like TC and I didn't actually eat anything on Catalina).

While we were waiting for the shore boat to take us back to the ship, we saw this little guy:

Have you ever seen a sea lion walk around? It's adorable. Stinking adorable. And those suckers can really move fast.

It was then, and only then, that I got seasick. The hard transition from land to rough seas was too much for my little inner-ears to take. Luckily Sunshine Eyes (aka CK2) had some Bonine to share. I was able to make it to dinner, skipped dessert and basically slept the rest of the evening. Everyone else went to shows, had a great time, got more ice cream cones. But me? I was stuck in bed. Sleeping off the motion sickness. So sad for me. I know.

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