Monday, September 13, 2010

Jemima the Girl Giraffe

Remember Jimmy? How could you forget such a unique giraffe, right? Well, Jimmy ended up going to a good home, and although I've missed him, I know he's being loved in ways that I am incapable of loving him.

So a good friend of mine just had a healthy baby girl. And we are so happy for her. So happy, in fact, that I decided to make Jimmy's little sister, Jemima.

Jemima has a few more details than Jimmy did.

She has cute little horn-nub-thingies.

An actual mane (she apparently got all of the hair genes in the giraffe family).

She has colored paws/hooves. And there are little bells inside her paw/hooves. Now the bells are all tightly packed, so there's no jingling. She does rattle however. So, that's cool, right?

She also has colored ears. She does not have eyelashes like Jimmy.

Overall, I think Jemima is lovely. She lacks the rugged appearance of Jimmy, but she'll make a fine "Welcome to the world" gift for a baby girl.


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