Friday, September 3, 2010

Son of a bee

I took a long walk yesterday with the express purpose of taking pictures of my lovely surroundings before the leaves fall off the trees and every turns brown.

That was a downer for so early in the morning. Sorry about that.

I stopped to rest in a beautiful park for a while. There were tons of dragonflies and bees and butterflies. I tried to photograph the dragonflies, but their flight is far too erratic. The butterflies were fleeting. But the bees, they tend to stay in one place for a few seconds. So here are some of my bee shots.

In case you can't see him, he's in the cluster of light pink flowers.

And just to keep things interesting, the bee moved to the flower just on his (and my) left.

Then the little guy flew off. He may have been sick of the paparazzi invading some of his most private moments.

Then his attention hog of a brother came by. He was all about the photos.

He was eager to be caught in action, so I naturally, being a people/insect pleaser, indulged the bee.

P.S. Don't worry, I wasn't close. I am actually pretty frightened by bees and wasps and all stingy-type insects and tend to scream and run in the most obnoxious fashion whenever one comes near to greet me, so I kept my distance. In fact, I used a telephoto lens. 

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  1. What amazing photographs - those flowers are so beautiful - and the bee looks quite cute (though, like you, I prefer to keep away from them!).


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