Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Antelope Island by Moonlight

On Friday the 18th, Jared, TC and I drove up to Antelope Island for the annual Antelope Island by Moonlight. The theme was creatures of the night. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos of the people who dressed up in full costume, but I DO have photos of the three of us.

Just before leaving for our big ride. Boy am I excited!

The Compensator putting his bike back together and compensating before we ride.

Jared before the ride.

Gordita and TC before the ride. We're smiling because we don't know that a head wind is going to start up on our way back, making the return trip 50% longer. Also, we had forgotten about the 2 miles of uphill that made up the last portion of the ride.

So all in all, the ride was tough because of those pesky head winds. We were tired when we finally got to bed at 3am on Saturday morning. My fingers went numb from holding on to the handle bars, but I finally regained feeling on Monday. Will we do it again? Definitely!

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  1. Cute helmet! That sounds like a really fun little journey! I've never been out there, I think I should probably go huh?!


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