Monday, July 7, 2008

Independence Day: The Parade

Sir Compsalot and I celebrated the independence of the United States of America from oppressive British rule by watching a parade, hanging out, then watching fireworks. What a day!

We got up early on Friday morning to drive to Provo to watch the "biggest parade in North America" according to some sources. When we did our four year stint in Provo we lived on the parade route, which was fun and annoying and convenient, all rolled in to one. So, we decided it was worth it for memory's sake to get up early on a holiday, drive down to Provo, brave the crowds and super excited people to watch the parade. And it was worth it. We met up with TC's sisters, which was great fun. Here are some of my favorite photos from the parade.

It just wouldn't be a parade without marching bands. Actually the marching bands are our second favorite part of parades.

Our favorite thing about parades are the pipe bands. They are just so amazingly, wonderfully cool!

Then of course you have the all-too-common random people who dress up in tight spandex shorts that are clearly too small for them that put on wigs and paint their faces and think to bring a video camera to catch it all, likely to upload it to youtube.

And it just wouldn't be a proper parade without llamas,

super happy BYU students,

and the KFC float, celebrating decades of greazy chicken.

Many spectators didn't know quite what to do with this float in cougar country. TC and I cheered for it though.

And nothing says "independence" like the missionaries? I'm not sure how they fit in the whole birth of our country theme, but it was great to see them.

On a more serious note, this kid was playing a guitar nearly his size the way a painter would nimbly handle his preferred brush. I was impressed!

Matias wanted to make sure that TC didn't miss the fire trucks with their sirens blaring.

Matias and Vicky wave to their long lost friends: the beauty queens that waved back at them!

Gordita and Julie are enjoying the parade. So are the people behind them!

After the parade, TC and I hung out with Vicky and Julie at their house for a while before going to see Rosalia and Noel's gorgeous new home. It was a great way to kick off the Fourth of July.

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