Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday dear Mother.

On Saturday evening we celebrated Mom's birthday. Happy birthday to her! After a meal at Applebees we went to Mom and Dad's new house for cake. We sang, presented Mom with gifts, and enjoyed each other's company.

Mom enjoying her cake and ice cream.

TC is pensive about his own smartitude, which is evidenced by his furrowed brow.

Mom likes getting cards.

And paintings for her new house too!

Mom and Gordita are happy to spend the evening together.


  1. Kris, I liked all your posts but I'm being lazy and only putting a comment in this one box. That's cute how your mom was so happy on her birthday. What a cute picture of the two of you. The little kids with you on the 4th are cute--are they nephews or friends' kids? And finally, I liked your 3rd post the best--you're so funny. Rich and I would always go to the outlets with big expectations, too and then come home with almost nothing. But it will still fun. :).

  2. You are hilarious! I love to read your post!-Thanks for all the great 4th of July pictures-I somehow didn't get out the camera... oh well. Love all your commentary, it's so you!

  3. i love your blog! it's fun to "catch up" on you a little. you'll have to tell me what that pattern for the shorts is... i may have to attempt it myself...

  4. Kim: the adorable little boy with Ivan at the parade is Ivan's sister's boy Matias. He's an absolute doll. The little boy with us for fireworks is the son of our good friends and neighbors. George is one of my most favorite 2-year-olds (I apologize in advance to any of our 2-year-old readership I might have just offended). His little brother Oliver came with us too. Long answer to a short question.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mom!! I hadn't really been reading peoples blogs lately so I had a lot to catch up on your blog. Your Fourth of July was very eventful! I need to get more into the holiday thing - I've gotten lazy recently. Anyway, your posts are always entertaining!


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