Monday, July 28, 2008

Dark Knight

Last week TC and I went with my good friend Kacy to see Dark Knight. I went with hopes that it would at least be as good as Batman Begins, and with the expectation that the quality of Heath Ledger's performance was blown out of proportion in memoria of his death.

In truth, I was astounded by Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker. He made the Joker a formidable foe for Batman, not a joke of an enemy (pun actually intended). Ledger's Joker is fearsome, horrendous and sinister all while being comedic. I loved the Joker.

I could have done without the love triangle that ensued in this movie, but I suppose that not everyone will feel that way.

In all, it was definitely worth going to see in the theater.

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  1. I did quite like this movie as well, but it was a tad too long. And I found the darkness of it to be pretty dang awesome. Loved the Joker too!


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