Monday, June 1, 2009

Circus Animals

The animals are back in stores. Well, the Smith's in the Avenues has them. And I bought a bag for $2.50.

I did well for the first few days, counting out one serving of six cookies and eating only that much, enjoying and savoring every bite. I may or may not have lost control and eaten the rest of the bag in one sitting. I got sprinkles everywhere. It was fantastic.

Just thought I should let you all know that my anxiety over never having the opportunity to enjoy those pink and whites again has been attenuated. YAY! So go and get yourself some circus animals.


  1. That is awfully good to hear. They are such a joyful cookie.

  2. I am salivating just looking at those pink and white little pieces of heaven.

  3. I'm gonna be honest. I don't love circus animal cookies as much as you do. But, I know of your love for them and I thought of you when I saw them back in our Safeway last week. Hooray for you!

  4. I love these too. yummy.

    Hi. I found you from Melissa's blog. Then I see you know Dalene too. I am their big sister... well, at least older. AND - I know Oma too!!! How funny that you are connected to her also!

    (I don't blog - but as you can see, I enjoy getting to people who do!)

  5. Thanks for the comment Maren. I totally know who you are. I remember Dalene talking about you all the time when we were younger. I can't believe you know Oma too. Small world.


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