Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Humble request for opinions

I am in need of a semi-formal dress, and I'm having a hard time figuring out what I want. Actually, I have in my head exactly what I want, and I've found some close approximations, but I'm having a hard time choosing. So I am calling on my friends for help. Help me!

1. Vintage Vogue.

(This is a photo I got from It's a beautiful rendition sewn by "Beezy.")

(This is the pattern front.)

Pros: It's vintage, has a stand-up collar (which I'm obsessed with right now), is warm (because it's going to be cold where I'll wear this dress), I can choose any color I want (I would probably make it in a deep red satin). I have the pattern and have just been waiting for the perfect excuse to make it. It seems with my new-found need for a dress, I've found my excuse.
Cons: I have to choose the fabric and make it. I have two weeks. This is possible, but I'll be pressed. It might be good to be pressed to finish something. But then again, there's always the fear that it might not turn out.

2. Calvin Klein sheath.

Hee hee. Ha ha. What a freaky photo. I promise, I won't do that again.

Pros: The stand-up collar on the jacket is a major plus. The pleated bodice is so stylish, and it has 3/4 sleeves for warmth.
Cons: The color. I'm not sure how that color will look against my super pale skin.

3. Maggy London Mock Two Piece Ponte Knit

Pros: It's classic black and white. It's got a high neck and is knee length, so there won't be any pulling or tugging to make sure everything is covered up. Plus I love the high waist skirt.
Cons: It's ponte knit. Is knit fancy enough for a semi-formal event? Nordstrom says it is since in the cocktail dress category, but I'm not positive.

4. Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique Royal Blue

Pros: I love the ruching on the side, and I LOVE the sleeves. It's so sexy. And the color is amazing!
Cons: I might have issues with the low-cut neck line.

5. Tadashi Flower

Pros: I love the flower! I can't stop thinking about that flower (click on the photo to make it bigger and you just might fall in love with the flower too). I love the pleatedness of the dress. So much fun. It's a great length, there won't be any issues with the neckline.
Cons: Price. Stupid Tadashi people think they deserve a small fortune for being creative and clever and stylish enough to come up with such a wonderful creation. Oh and this dress may not be everyone's cup of tea, but when has that bothered me? Another consideration: is this dress too "in the now" to be a classic to wear again and again? I suppose that question applies to all the options.

Numbers 2-4 are pretty much the same price. Number 1 would be the least expensive, even if I bought fabric on the pricier side. And 5 is pricey, but I could justify it (when have I NOT been able to justify spending money on myself). I haven't tried any of these dresses on, so that could play into my decision, but still I want to know what you think. So what would you do? Please opine!

Also, we've already established that I'm vain, so I make this request unabashedly.


  1. My vote is TOTALLY #5 - I love, love, love it, would spend the money on it, and would wear it if I had your sexy body. Plus, I am all about the black.

  2. Oh, my number two vote (in case you need it) is #4. The color would look awesome on you.

  3. I like number 5. But, money can be an object. I also like number 1. You could buy number 5, and make number 1. Then, if you like number 1, return number 5. Or, if you can't finish number 1 on time or it doesn't turn out, then you have number 5.

  4. I totally agree with Jenny. I LOVE #1 and can easily see you wearing that and looking extremely fabulous, but since time is an issue...I say #5 but since money is an issue...I need a new dress too now that I think about it...

  5. Tricky....
    I think I need to know WHERE you are going to give you my final answer...

    BUT I think the color of# 4 is fabulous, classic style, and would look amazing on you.
    #1 is awfully cute.
    #5 is dang sexy.

    I'm not sure that is my order of choice... I need more information before I choose.

    Where are you going?
    What time of day?
    How are you planning to do your hair?
    IS money an issue?

    Answer me, then I will answer you.

  6. My top pics are #3 & #5. But I could totally see you in #1. Hmmmm, tough choice - good luck!

  7. Dang it, I did it again - Red Rose Manor is my work and this is Amy J.

  8. #5 made me gasp, it's so perfect. And I can totally picture you in it. I really like #2, but you're right about the color--darker would be better. #1 is gorgeous, but I'm all for reducing stress, and the thought of getting that made in two weeks (even if I were as talented as you) stresses me out. So my vote is fo' sho' #5.

  9. i love #2 and #3. the last black one is cute too. but the 2 and 3 popped out to me.

  10. vote is for number 1 and 5.
    so trendy,beautiful and worms.
    Well,anyways all the dresses are great,i know you are going to choose the one makes you feel better,and more confortable.
    Is so nice to know we are going to be your buying drees excuse hehehehe,one day you will be mine too,for any reason :-)

    So go ahead now you have the perfect excuse to wear whatever you want!!

    see you in 14 days!!ahhhhhhh im so happy!

  11. Thank you all for your input. I'm still mulling over my options. I'll post an update on the dress when I have one.

  12. i could definitely see you in #1, but i have to say that #5 would be my pick of the bunch. too bad things always cost money, huh?

  13. Number three, but make the white part red instead.

  14. I LOVE the flower too! #5!


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