Monday, June 15, 2009

Unnamed discount department store

This weekend a good friend of mine (me) convinced her husband (TC) to go to an unnamed discount department store with her. When she told her husband that the recommendation to go to that store was from a friend of hers (who happens to be much older than her), her husband was a little leery of the place, but was a good sport about it and went along.

They entered the store and her husband immediately determined that the locale catered to a more mature class of consumers than themselves; it was more suited to ladies in their sixties and older. But my friend really wanted to see everything they had, and kept hoping that around some corner somewhere there would be something age appropriate for her, being in her early thirties.

They spent 30 minutes or so inside, looking at everything. Her husband kept telling her that this store was not meant for her age group. He might have used words like "granny style" and "para viejas." But she really REALLY wanted to see everything. There HAD to be something her style. There WOULD be something her style. She would find something and buy it and then her husband would be sorry for teasing her. She'd show him. Ha!

But there wasn't anything her style, she didn't find anything she liked. So they left, and got gelato, and dinner, and then drove home. And as they were riding in the elevator to go up to their apartment, two older ladies (who are very nice and dear to their hearts) that live in their building got on the elevator with them, with bags from the Unnamed Discount Department Store. They had just been there, and were gabbing excitedly about their purchases.

And once my friend and her husband got to the privacy of their own home, he looked at her smugly ready to say something smugly smug and "I told you so" like, and she said, "Shut up. Don't say another word. Just shut up." And he laughed and got to gloat for a little while.

And she decided that it will be another 30 years before she will shop there.


  1. Don't you hate it when they're right?

  2. Um, maybe I'm a dork but I can't figure out what store you're talking about and I really want to know:).

  3. I don't want to offend anyone, but Kim it rhymes with Spine-cart, Line-tart, Shine-part, Fine-wart.


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