Thursday, June 4, 2009


TC has the most beautiful sisters ever. Just look:

SIL #1. Gorgeous and more! She is becoming a domestic diva and impresses me with her creativity and style. For reals. She bakes bread and is planting a garden and decorating her home, and teaching her boys to be kind and loving, and accomplishes the goals she sets out to accomplish. She's great at keeping old friendships alive. Plus she can tell a story like it's nobody's business. Also she's a smart girl that has a Masters degree. She's got a great husband and two adorable little boys. See:

The two adorable little boys.

SIL #2. Stunningly beautiful plus, she is an artist through and through. If you want something to look wonderful, ask her to put it together. She has a talent for creating, designing. She has an eye for art in photography. She has taught herself all sorts of design software and is capable of mastering anything it seems. She's passionate and a good aunt and she's really funny. I mean, wet your pants funny. She's awesome and deserves the best there is.

SIL #3. This lovely is sweet, thoughtful and sensitive. She's good and wants to do good things; I love this about her. She makes me laugh and has since she was a small child. She's especially tolerant of my bad Spanish (and English for that matter), but isn't afraid to tease me when I say something dumb, or yawn like Chewbacca or use my hands when I talk. She remembers our inside jokes and will play Karaoke Revolution with me, and doesn't even love me a little less when my voice cracks. She is the little sister I always wished I could have. Plus she's really good at Dance Dance Revolution, so what more could you ask for?

I find qualities in each one of these ladies that I appreciate and try to emulate. It's harder to say these things out loud than to write them, so here it is, my cowardly way of loving my SILs. Thanks for being my sisters-in-law (even though you didn't have much say in the matter).

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  1. You forgot one amazing talent #3 has. That girl is a Rock Band drumming monster. (In the good way.)


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