Thursday, June 11, 2009

Losing myself

Back in the summer of 2003 I realized that I was portly. It seems odd that it took a realization to know this, but it did. I suspected that my weight had creeped up, every once in a while I would complain to TC that I was too flabby, too chubby, too round. But each time I complained, TC would be so soothing, telling me that I was beautiful no matter what, and that if it really bothered me he would support me in doing something about it, and then I would feel better. And then I would forget that I was unhappy with my weight.

But the summer of 2003 was pivotal for me. We took a trip to Northern California to visit my home. I had been looking forward to this road trip, and in preparation bought some new clothes so I would look fabulous. When I saw the photos I realized it was more like flabulous. I was disappointed and may have thrown a fit befitting a spoiled child. I admit nothing.

In the Bay Area that fateful summer.

Around that same time I realized that the immortality of my youth was wearing off. I was getting older (I was old at the ripe age of 24) and could have health problems because of the 40 extra pounds I was lugging around. So that very same day that I had a break down about being heavy, with TC's support and encouragement, I joined Weight Watchers online.

We got to work right away looking up the points values of foods that I would typically eat. I was shocked that my favorite breakfast, a bagel with cream cheese and a glass of orange juice, was a little less than half of my daily allotted points. Also shocking was that in a typical day I regularly ate around twice as many calories as I should. I was determined to make better food choices and determined not to fail. This HAD to work because we were paying a monthly fee!

We went shopping for low points foods and made a plan for what I would eat each day. And with how much I love lists, I was really excited to have a list that would tell me what to eat and when to eat it. This was right up my alley! My determination led me to be beyond diligent that first week. I made sure I did not go over points, I drank all the required water, and I even tried to eat some vegetables. I was even worried about eating the sacrament bread, wondering how many points I should add to my points tracker for that. That's dedication!

I lost 4 pounds that first week. My skepticism that this would work was dashed. So I kept going, and kept losing. TC's encouragement and support kept me going even when I threw fits about "how hard it is" and "how hungry I was" and "how I just wanted to lose control and polish off an entire bag of Doritos in one sitting like I used to" so that by October, just three months later, I had lost 22 pounds.

Notice this is the same outfit I wore on our vacation just three months before.

By December I had lost 30 pounds total.

January through March were slow. My weight fluctuated. I was constantly losing and gaining the same 5 pounds. But finally, in April I reached my goal weight.

At goal.

And I celebrated, and the heavens sang, and I went shopping. Thus began my love affair with buying clothes.

Since this is so long, I'll cut this off here for now. But I'd like to tell you all a little more about this making better food choices business, just in case what I learned so slowly will help someone else. For now, enjoy the photos.


  1. Way to go!!!
    That is SO exciting. You look amazing, no really, you do. WOW!

    I've kind of done the whole Weight Watcher thing for awhile now, at least it's always in the back of my mind... but I think it's the best program. When I really did it for real, I lost a lot of weight.

    Now... if this baby weight would just come off...

  2. The transformation is quite amazing. Weight loss is a journey of complete dedication and sacrifice. You look fab-u-lous!

  3. I didn't recognize you in the earlier pictures. I just assumed you were the naturally tall, slender type. Good for you!

  4. wow, that's impressive. you look so great on your achieved weight goal picture.

  5. Hey there skinny mini! You do look fabulous! I understand the whole weight loss journey because I was on it as I'm pregnant and have no control over my weight but I know that since I did it once I know I can do it again. Keep it up, sexy!!

  6. Sorry, Red Rose is my work email - this is Amy Jensen :)

  7. This is TOTALLY motivating for me - thank you! The pictures are awesome and the story is, too. Have you considered being a WW leader at the LIVE meetings? You would be amazing (mine have always been old ladies - a bit out of touch). You would be SO GOOD AT THIS!!! Consider it.


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