Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More about Uruguay: Ferries and Colonia del Sacramento

Now that I've covered the important stuff, I'll tell you about the less important, but equally fun, parts of our trip. TC and I flew into Buenos Aires and the suegros picked us up at the airport. We went from there to Buquebus, a ferry that took us from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

I didn't know the geography until this trip, so here's a little map that shows both BA and Colonia.

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The ferry ride took around an hour, and was really comfortable.

TC is contemplating the wonders of the universe, and the massiveness of the ferry.

We arrived in Colonia pretty late (Don't judge me. 8pm in winter is practically midnight all other times of the year.) on Wednesday evening, so we ate dinner and went right to bed.

The next morning, we were able to see just how beautiful our hotel and the little town were. If you're interested in learning more about Colonia del Sacramento, check it out here. Otherwise, I'll just show you some photos.

This is the outside of our hotel, Posada del Gobernador.

Beautiful street sign.

The plaza outside our hotel.

The street.

The other side of the street.

The lighthouse.

Me in an alley.

From here we drove south to Montevideo in time for the civil wedding. I would love to visit Colonia del Sacramento again.

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