Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More about the wedding

Thursday the 2nd was a full day. In the afternoon was the civil wedding. In the evening was the temple sealing. Later in the evening was the party. A few photos from the blessed event:

Bride and groom danced the waltz. The bride's parents cut in and danced with the bride and groom. Then the groom's parents cut in. Then family and friends cut in. At some point TC and I cut in, although we both were so nervous.

TC and the bride.

Gordita and the groom. It was so cold that I wore that fuchsia sweater, which wasn't planned. Wow I was cold. Unfortunately this is the best photo I have of the dress. I realize what a disappointment this is to many, some, one or two of you. Don't worry because TC and I will come up with an excuse for me to wear the dress sans sweater and we'll take a picture and then you all will be disappointed no more.

This photo shows my hair. I put it up in a french twist. I was pretty proud of how it turned out.

These are the delicious desserts we had to choose from. Nearly every cake had dulce de leche in the middle. Even armed with that knowledge, amazingly I only had two slivers of cake. Weird for me, no?

Then there was dancing and music and all around fun. By the end of the night we were exhausted. Have I mentioned that I love weddings?


  1. Kris you are so cute!!! And that food looks fab!!! Looks like the wedding was a hit. Miss ya!


  2. How fun! Seeing some of your pictures from Uruguay gets me excited for when we go down to Chile this December to visit Shad's old stomping grounds, a.k.a. the mission.

    p.s. Those embroidered towels were a wedding gift from someone and they get plenty of use, but I don't actually coordinate the days on the towels to the actual day very well...


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