Friday, July 10, 2009

Uruguay and the cutest couple ever!

So we're back. And still tired. But the trip was great. Rundown:
  • Uruguay is great; it's like Argentina, but smaller, in my opinion. I'm sure for those of you who know a great deal about either country you probably think I'm the biggest ignoramous ever, and I very well may be a contender for that title. But since I thought Uruguay was like Argentina, I naturally loved it. So there.
  • I thought I rocked the whole speaking Spanish thing and not being shy about it until I was told that I'm "not much for speaking," and that I "only know a few phrases" when I had carefully constructed an elegant expression of gratitude and delivered it flawlessly. That's when I realized that I have a long way to go before I officially rock the whole speaking Spanish thing.
  • We were cold and I wished I had brought more of my winter clothes but stupidly didn't because I figured, "Hey, it's winter there, but it's not like it SNOWS. I don't need a scarf or hat or gloves or heavy sweaters for layering." I was wrong. So very wrong.
  • I wished we'd had more time there. Something about making a living and needing to be able to pay for the trip compelled us to return home.
  • The wedding day was wonderful and I nearly burst at the seams with happiness. Weddings are so wonderful I decided.
  • Newlyweds also are wonderful. And cute! And their cuteness is contagious. More on that later.
  • NewSIL is sweet and so very special. I'm so happy for BIL.
  • I was more emotional in those few days of the trip than I have been in the last year.
  • I'm apparently insanely sappy after attending weddings.

Since the reason we traveled was for the wedding, I'll give you just a taste of what the big day was like.

Meet the cutest couple ever! This is BIL and newSIL walking out of the building where they had their civil ceremony. So stylish and happy! I love it.

The guests were kind of ruthless with the rice throwing. It was more like rice pelting.

But the newlyweds were good-humored about it.

The groom's handsome family. The guy on the left is definitely the handsomest of the bunch, but I might, maybe, possibly be biased. Maybe. Not sure about that.

Even later that same day was the party, which was lovely and fun. Unfortunately, that's all I have for now. More to come. Gordita's honor.


  1. Ok, when I saw the first picture of your BIL and SIL I thought it was you guys! And I thought, "Wow, Kris cut her hair so short!". Then I got a brain and realized that it wasn't really you guys but that your BIL looks like a clone of Ivan:).

  2. I'm so glad you're back. And I can't wait to see pics of the dress! I hear the SIL's cape.

  3. Yes, they are a totally cute couple! You are looking hot my friend! Total babe. Your new BIL and hubby look like twins!

  4. Um, BIL and SIL are super cute - but not as cute as you in that stylish outfit with the belt and great jacket. Can you PLEASE take me shopping so I can be a little stylish when I go back to work???

  5. What a gorgeous couple. I love the tux and the cape.

  6. Dalene, I would LOVE to take you shopping. Shopping is fun, especially when you're spending other people's money. :)


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